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UCAN ethics

  Ethics principles of UCAN

We, employees of the UCAN project, strive to be responsible and professional in all aspects of our work and agree to be guided by the following ethical principles:


UCAN presents information about competitions, events, trainings, grants, related events, and new initiatives in a comprehensible clear format and makes decisions on the basis of defined criteria and procedures.  UCAN provides information about its activities in a timely manner.


We encourage all organizations, communities, and individual citizens to cooperate for reaching common goals. We are open to new ideas, different views and opinions. We are open to dialog and feedback, regarding it as a source for internal development and self improvement.       


UCAN provides services, and allocates resources on a competitive basis. We give preference to the most effective, innovative approaches, solutions and tools.

Demand driven and responsive 

We are client oriented. We search for new, effective services and forms of cooperation that correspond with our clients’ interests and needs of civil society development.


UCAN carries out activity according to its mission and goals. UCAN activities address the most vital, current issues of the Ukrainian society.       


We are flexible to adapt our methods of work with clients and partners so that our work is driven by their specific needs and situations, which is essential for effective cooperation and help.   

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